The Benefits of Hiring

Lumion Staff in the Philippines

Unleash the deepest talent pool on the planet to deliver perfect drawings at a fraction of the cost of a local team member, (and a fraction of the hassle).

Lumion is a powerful 3D rendering software that is widely used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Here are some benefits of hiring Lumion staff in the Philippines:

1.   Cost-effective: 

Hiring Lumion staff in the Philippines can be a cost-effective option compared to hiring in-house staff or outsourcing to other countries. The cost of living in the Philippines is generally lower than in other countries, which can result in lower hourly rates for Lumion staff.

2.   Skilled Workforce: 

The Philippines has a large and highly skilled workforce when it comes to 3D rendering and modeling. Much Filipino freelance staff have extensive experience in Lumion and can provide high-quality work.

3.   Efficient Workflow: 

Lumion staff in the Philippines are known for their efficient workflow and quick turnaround times. They are experienced in handling tight deadlines and can deliver high-quality renders within a short amount of time.

4.   Communication: 

Filipino Lumion staff are known for their excellent communication skills. They are proficient in English and can effectively communicate with clients to understand their needs and preferences.

5.   Time Zone Advantage: 

The Philippines is in a time zone that overlaps with many other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. This makes it easier for Lumion staff in the Philippines to work on projects in real time with clients in these regions.

6.   Flexibility: 

Lumion staff in the Philippines offer flexible work arrangements, including part-time, full-time, and project-based work. This allows clients to hire Lumion staff on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their project needs.

Overall, hiring Lumion staff in the Philippines can offer many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, a skilled workforce, efficient workflow, excellent communication, time zone advantage, and flexibility. With the growing demand for 3D rendering and visualization, Lumion staff in the Philippines can provide clients with high-quality work and help them stand out in the competitive industry.

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Purchase a block of hours and use those hours on any projects you have, over any period of time.

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You'll be allocated a Team Leader and dedicated staff member who gets to know you, your systems, and your objectives so your drawings are completed quickly and correctly.

Multiple A&D Disciplines

You get access to a whole team of skill sets. Need a project that requires a certain type of skill one week, but another skill the week after?

We've got you covered.

Time Tracked

We use third third-party software to track time and activity levels so you know what staff are working on and how long it is taking to complete.


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